Yes, that email address above is my school email. I decided I would try something different. Everyone generally follows the unwritten tradition of using first.last@school.edu for their email. For me, I wanted something simpler, shorter, and much more memorable. Ex means “out of” in latin and Cal of course refers to the school. I suppose one could also see it as a combination of “Exeneva” and “Cal,” but that’s a bit of a stretch if you ask me.

My intended major is Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (aka EECS, or “eeks!”), but if you ask me I’ll only say Electrical Engineering. I’m staying in a Foothill double, and I have yet (at the time of writing) to find out who my roommate is. Anyway, I have for the most part already planned out my four years there, or at least the classes I definitely am going to take. I realize a lot of people change majors, and I might just be one of them, but in case that doesn’t happen, here is how I expect my next four years to be:

Freshman Year

FALL (15 units):

  • Math 53: Multivariable Calculus (4)
  • Physics 7A: Physics for Scientists and Engineers (4)
  • Computer Sciences 61A: The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (4)
  • Geography 70AC: The Urban Experience (3)

SPRING (15 units):

  • Math 54: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (4)
  • Physics 7B: Physics for Scientists and Engineers (4)
  • Comparative Literature 41C – Forms of the Novel (4)
  • Seminar: Mechanical Engineering 24 (1)
  • Decal: Web Design and Development (2)

Sophomore Year

FALL (15-16 units):

  • Physics 7C: Physics for Scientists and Engineers (4)
  • Electrical Engineering 20N: Structure and Interpretation of Systems and Signals (4)
  • Computer Sciences 61B (4)
  • Undecided Humanities courses (3-4)

SPRING (15-16 units):

  • Electrical Engineering 40: Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits (4)
  • Electrical Engineering 117: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (4)
  • Computer Sciences 61C: Machine Structures (4)
  • Undecided Humanities courses (3-4)

Junior Year

FALL (14-16 units):

  • Electrical Engineering 105: Microelectronic Devices and Circuits (4)
  • Electrical Engineering 120: Signals and Systems (4)
  • Electrical Engineering 125: Introduction to Robotics (4)
  • Undecided Technical Electives (3-4)

SPRING (14-16 units):

  • Electrical Engineering 145M: Introductory to Microcomputer Interfacing Laboratory (3)
  • Electrical Engineering 126: Probability and Random Processes (4)
  • Electrical Engineering 145L: Introductory Electronic Transducers Laboratory (3)
  • Undecided Humanities courses (2-4)

Senior Year

FALL (12-16 units):

  • Electrical Engineering 128: Feedback Control (4)
  • Computer Sciences 150: Components and Design Techniques for Digital Systems (5)
  • Undecided Humanities course (3-4)

SPRING (12-16 units):

  • Electrical Engineering 192: Mechatronic Design Laboratory (4)
  • Computer Sciences 188: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (4)
  • Undecided courses (6-8)

And that’s the plan so far. Most of the undecided humanities courses will more than likely be filled with business classes.