The Most Challenging, But The Best

Summer is long over, and so the results of the Summer 2010 Tenlist have to be tallied. Overall, it was a major success: 8.5/10 (compared to my 7/10 average). And this was my hardest tenlist so far!

The ones I didn’t fully complete were:

  • Finalize all Zems Origins Set card texts (75% completion)
  • Hire artists to paint the Zems Origins Set (75% completion)
  • Complete 10 Photoshop tutorials (0% completion)

I will be carrying two of these over into the Fall 2010 Tenlist. I’m sure you can guess which one I’m not carrying over, haha.

Autumn 2010 Tenlist

1. Update monthly

Basically, I need to grow this site, so this goal is to keep me from going too long without blogging. Besides, I find some sort of comfort in writing these articles – it’s a good way to set free the thoughts I have in my mind.

2. Read The Name of the Wind

I honestly am not sure I will be able to complete this goal before Winter. However, the book seems very interesting and I’ve read quite a few good reviews on it, so if I don’t read it this season, I will definitely read it once school is out!

3. Cover the down payments for Zems Development

I kind of jumped the gun on this one, because this goal was finished a few weeks ago. I’m not going to elaborate too much on what I mean by this item since it’s rather personal, but it was one of my higher-priority goals for this season.

4. Commission artists to paint the remaining Origins Set works

This one is carried over from last season. As of writing, I need to cover costs for 30 more cards and 26 icons. Also, since one of the artists I have hired has seemingly disappeared (Amanda Diaz –, I may need to hire a replacement. Regardless, this is the most expensive goal to complete this season.

5. Maintain a P90X/Insanity workout routine

Having finished my first season of P90X last season, I’m ready for a harder round 2. This time, I’ve mixed it up with Insanity, and so far it’s going great!

6. Pass all of my college classes

This seems relatively lackluster, compared to the fact that I was a straight-A honors student in high school. But now I’m a Berkeley, and I’ve realized how deficient my Oklahoma education is compared to many other students here. I’m trying hard, but I honestly am struggling just to pass.

7. Finalize the Zems Origins Set cards

I feel a little guilty carrying over a goal that is already 75% complete from last season, but since school is really wearing me down, I feel it’s justified. Basically, I need to finalize the cards for the Origins Set. If you’re reading this and are wondering what Zems is, please check out this post:

8. Attend every Thursday parkour session

I’ve always wanted to learn how to parkour. For those who are thinking “free-running,” please don’t be mistaken. I’m not interested in doing cool-looking moves, I’m simply interested in how to get from point to point in the most efficient way possible. To me, that is real, practical parkour. As far as the goal itself, there is a very dedicated and welcoming parkour group here that meets twice a week. While it would be most beneficial to attend both sessions, I simply haven’t been able to find the time on weekends to invest.

Those of you who have read my first post on how tenlists should be formed (see if you aren’t sure) might argue that this shouldn’t be a valid tenlist goal. My reasoning is that attendance is measurable, and as long as the goal is based around attendance, it remains a valid item.

9. Acquire an interesting website from a third party developer

My network of websites has been steadily growing at roughly one site per season, with an exception for last season since I invested most of my money into Zems. However, I can’t let myself go two seasons without acquiring a new site, so this is now a tenlist goal. I have a few interesting sites in mind at the moment, and I figure in a month or two I’ll reveal which site I settled upon.

10. Deposit $1500 into my bank account and leave it there

I’m not going to elaborate much on this, but I need to start saving more.

So there you have it, the Fall 2010 Tenlist. I put “Autumn” in the title because I like the word slightly better.